EKOS Mobility Expands its Charging Network

EKOS Mobility Expands its Charging Network

EKOS Mobility Expands its Charging Network

Our licensed electric vehicle charging network operator, EKOS Mobility has commissioned 54 active charging units (14 DC sockets, 49 AC sockets) at charging stations in 23 different regions and 9 different districts under the name BALŞARJ within the scope of its cooperation with Balpark, a subsidiary of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. There are 63 sockets in total in the 54 units.

These stations, commissioned in Karesi, Altıeylül, Dursunbey, Susurluk, Burhaniye, Ayvalık, Edremit, Akçay and Altınoluk districts of Balıkesir province, provide uninterrupted charging service to electric vehicle users.

EKOS Mobility and EKOS Technology Cooperation

One of the most critical problems of electric vehicle charging stations is the lack of infrastructure. EKOS Mobility continues to take healthy and sustainable steps against infrastructure problems thanks to EKOS Technology’s infrastructure solutions.

The infrastructure required by 7 AC and 1 DC charging units at the EKOS Mobility charging station located in the parking lots of the 2nd Stage of the Courtyard is provided by concrete kiosks and cells produced by EKOS Technology.

Fast and Practical Use

In order to receive charging service from the units, users need to install the EKOS Mobility mobile application on their smartphones via the App Store, Google Play or AppGallery. The charging process can be started by scanning the QR codes on the charging units via the EKOS Mobility mobile application. At the same time, electric vehicle owners can instantly monitor the duration of the charging process, the current drawn and end the charging process through this application.

24/7 Support Line

EKOS Mobility has a hotline service where electric vehicle users can receive 24/7 support. Functional support such as remote charging initiation can be provided via the hotline.