General Information

  • Manufactured in accordance with international standards, taking into account the challenges of operating conditions, these structures are distinguished by the waterproofness of their concrete and the IP23 protection class of their ventilation panels (IP Protection Rating (Ingress Protection), ratings used to measure the resistance of mechanical or electrical devices against water, dust or external impacts).
  • The C35 quality concrete used in its production conforms to TS 500 and has successfully completed the compressive strength tests performed at Istanbul Technical University. These kiosks have been tested in accordance with IEC standards, aiming to maximize operator and environmental safety.
  • Concrete kiosk production can be realized with the desired width from 2500 mm to 7300 mm according to customer request. The locations of medium voltage, low voltage and transformer compartments, partitioning, door and ventilation locations can also be determined according to customer requirements. Thanks to this flexibility, the most suitable shape is determined according to the condition of the place where the kiosk will be used, and the desired solution is provided.
  • Designed for systems up to 36 kV. It has been subjected to the necessary tests for operator and operational safety and has successfully passed the tests. Concrete kiosks and underground or above-ground transformer-distribution centers are produced in various types in accordance with national and international standards in order to respond easily to customer requests. 3 compartment concrete kiosk for MV switchgear, transformer and LV panel:
      • Concrete kiosk with 2 compartments for transformer and LV panel
      • Single compartment concrete kiosk for MV cell only
      • Underground concrete kiosk with 3 compartments for MV switchgear, transformer and LV panelboard It is possible to produce in different sizes and types based on customer requests and switching capability.
  • Paint color is for decorative purposes and is white, RAL 7032 or RAL 7035 as standard. It can also be painted in different colors upon request. Standard products have successfully passed 16 kA 1 second internal arc type test. The products can be used without any doubt for 1600 kVA transformers at any voltage level.