General Information

P40 Agile Enhanced provides flexible protection and control for both overhead and underground feeder circuits with its configurable features. It enables easy integration to new or existing SCADA or DCS systems for real-time situational awareness. Its comprehensive power quality monitoring and extensive data logging capabilities enable users to make quick and effective power grid decisions, thus increasing service reliability and availability levels.

Key Features:

  • Advanced protection with integrated communication features
  • Monitoring of relay status and station equipment health inside the cell/compartment
  • Universal communication features and compact design ideal for mounting on switchgear
  • High I/O density of up to 11 inputs / 11 outputs or 14 inputs / 9 outputs in a small 20TE (4 inch) wide enclosure
  • Comprehensive recording with up to 2048 events, 25 fault records, and disturbance recording of up to 128 seconds
  • Built-in serial and Ethernet protocols for easy integration
  • Option for copper or fiber Ethernet interfaces
  • CyberSentry™ Advanced Security features including AAA, Radius, RBAC, and Syslog to help ensure NERC® CIP compliance
  • Removable design for easy testing, commissioning, and maintenance