General Information

Metal Clad Switchgears with withdrawable Vacuum Circuit Breaker are designed up to 36kV. They are specially designed for branch substations and power plants and equipped with the switching device mounted on a truck and metal clad. Metal Clad Switchgears are presented with metallic unit compartments as well as a separate metal clad compartment each for the vacuum circuit breaker truck, the busbars system, the cable compartment.

The openings in the cladding walls are covered with metal shutters and are provided additionally with bushings. The switching device vacuum circuit breaker and, if required, the voltage transformers are mounted on a truck with transport chassis, which may be cranked into the service position or disconnected position (test position) when the unit door is closed. If the switching device shall be removed from the unit, the vacuum circuit breaker may be pulled out after the door has been opened and the cross-section and actuation device for the truck have been dismantled.

The truck may be moved from the service position to the disconnected position and from the disconnected position to the service position only when it is opened. The frame and supporting parts are designed as a compound construction of welded and bolted standardised sheet-steel profile sections. The door is provided with a central lock. To allow safe observation of the vacuum circuit breaker and the truck position, the door is fitted with a pressure-proof laminated glass window. Also, there is a low voltage panel fitted for protection, measurement, remote control and other equipment as a meter and etc. The truck is made of standardised sheet steel profile sections. The mechanical connections between the unit frame and the truck are established through a readily accessible drive cross arm arranged at the front. Our Metal Clad Switchgears are manufactured according to the relevant international and national standards cover the request of customers with easy configurable and several types.