Emerging applications in power substations, industrial automation, mobile infrastructure and smart grid have higher precision time synchronization needs. Thus, in mission-critical time dependent systems, synchronization from the same source (aka master) with adequate accuracy is essential. Traditional synchronization methods are either costly or less accurate. The EKOSync 1588A & 1588B implements state of the art time & frequency synchronization algorithms using packet timing in accordance with the IEEE 1588 standard to deliver a full, high performance timing solution.

The EKOSync 1588 family enables an easy path to quickly and reliably deploy a precise synchronization system. The EKOSync 1588 can be integrated into an end-point where precision timing signals are required as well as systems that need to provide Grandmaster functionality.
Precise syntonized signals are generated and are available at rear BNC connectors as 5/10/20/25 MHz and Pulse Per Second (PPS). The “Time of Day” (ToD) information is available in NMEA or ASCII format.
The EKOSync 1588 enables extraction of precise time signals from packets impeded over the network by traffic load, congestion and delay variation (PDV).