In gas-insulated cells, all energized parts and switching elements are enclosed in a tank filled with SF6 gas, which is 5 times heavier than air and has 3 times higher breaking strength. This prevents any contact with the outside in case of an accident and also prevents the entry of moisture, dust, animals and foreign substances that cause short circuits. Thus, maintenance requirements are minimized.

In addition, the high breaking strength of SF6 gas causes the dimensions to be much smaller than those of air-insulated cells. This ensures a reduction in investment costs, which is particularly important for decision-makers, and an increase in total benefits.

Ekos Electric is the first company in Turkey to produce medium voltage gas-insulated cells, and currently has the capacity to produce primary and secondary gas-insulated cells up to 38.5 kV.

As the power demand in the grid increases with the expansion of the power grid, the switching equipment used in the grid must also have the capacity and durability to meet these power needs. The R&D investments made by the Company in response to this need have made it possible for the Company to reach 3150 A switching and 31.5 kA short-term fault current levels.