Medium voltage (MV) switchgear products are the main equipment that controls the transfer of electrical energy from one point to another at voltage levels up to 36 kV, and play an important role in energy supply security and quality.

These products are designed according to the electrical requirements at the relevant point in the network (such as the value and direction of the power to be transferred, the short-circuit current passing through that point in the event of a possible fault in the network) and they comprise components such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, and current transformers. They are located in distribution or transformer centers constructed at the energy transfer point or in prefabricated concrete and sheet metal kiosks.

Gas or air insulated cells are produced in accordance with the IEC 62271-200 basic standard determined for medium voltage cells between 1 and 52 kV and other sub-standards (IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-102, IEC 62271-105, etc.) for switchgear.

The medium voltage switchgear products produced by the Company are used both in the primary MV (distribution) network, where the values of the transferred energy are larger, and in the branches of the secondary MV (distribution) network, where these values are smaller and reach the end consumers.

Accordingly, Ekos Electric’s product portfolio includes metal-enclosed cells designed for use in both primary and secondary MV networks using gas and air insulation technologies, as well as the components used in these cells (circuit breaker, load disconnector, earthing disconnector) and can be classified under the following headings.

Ekos Electric primarily carries out the production of medium voltage switchgear products at the Main Factory.