EKOS Electric Technologies Contributes to Uzbekistan Industry

EKOS Electric Technologies Contributes to Uzbekistan Industry

Textile factories, which have an important role in Uzbekistan’s industrial portfolio, are bringing EKOS Electric technologies to their country.

Industrial zones are inclined to prefer companies with reliable and innovative technologies. In this direction, EKOS Electric stands out with the solutions it offers to strengthen the energy infrastructure of industrial facilities and increase efficiency. Known for its reliability and efficiency, EKOS Electric technologies have become the choice of industrial zones around the world.

As part of the company’s goal to expand its operations worldwide, EKOS Electric focused on Uzbekistan. The industrial potential of Uzbekistan and its importance in the textile sector have been instrumental in EKOS Electric’s development of its export network to this country. The company, known for its innovative energy solutions and technological infrastructure, aims to play an important role in the Uzbekistan market.

EKOS Electric’s activities in Uzbekistan will contribute to the country’s industrial portfolio and increase the competitiveness of local businesses.

This development is considered as an important step towards increasing EKOS Electric’s international presence and maintaining its leadership in the energy sector. International Paper, Navroz Total Tekstil, Yakkabog Oil Factory, Sayyora Bashkent, Nishon and Pesh Tekstil are among the companies that prefer EKOS Electric technology and do not compromise on quality.