Control & Automation Panels


In the process of transmitting electrical energy from generation points to consumption points, it is necessary to control the direction of power flow according to the availability of generation resources, demand requirements and/or load balancing requirements due to faults or maintenance. This is one of the main daily functions of grid operators. This supervision is done either remotely using automated methods or remotely using information and data communication technologies or manually using auxiliary elements such as buttons, switches, light indicators, etc. produced for this purpose.

Main Features

  • In all cases, the interfaces used for monitoring purposes are protection control automation panels.
  • In medium-voltage networks, these panels are part of the switchgears, while in high-voltage networks they are designed and manufactured as a separate metal panel and installed in the control rooms of generation plants and substations.
  • In this context, this equipment, which can be called the brain of electricity grid management, is the most value-added equipment of the electricity transmission and distribution network.